Top 10 UK Charity Logos

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

What makes a charity logo great? Successful charities and NGO organizations operate with similar astute professionalism as any Fortune 500 company. They are being run with the same dedication as a CEO gives to increase his company’s profit numbers regardless of the type of cause. In line, charities also require a public image and a brand logo that they can bank on for donations and funds.

 Today’s Top 10 list will showcase top UK charities…


1. Barnardo Logo Design

2. The British Red Cross Society Logo Design

3. Cancer research UK Logo Design

4. The National Trust Logo Design

5. Oxfam International Logo Design

6. Wellcome Trust Logo Design

7. RSPCA Logo Design

8. The Salvation Army Logo Design

9. The British Heart Foundation Logo Design

10. The Arts Council England

From child welfare to arts to medical research, these non-profit organizations have exhibited dedication to a variety of causes. Each of these top 10 charity logos has one thing in common that all of them have managed to run a successful business through a logotype that best reflects their mission. Charity logos usually have a themed green, red or blue color schemes whiles others choose to go with plain black white for professionalism and simplicity.

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Category: Graphic Design
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7 Responses

January 27, 2010

awesome selection!
such organizations seems to always have professionally designed logos which probably cost money.
I wonder if they paid for them or they get them as donations?

Anyways, nice selection :)

February 26, 2010

Super post, tienen que marcarlo en Digg


June 18, 2010
Phabian Lesimango

Help me to have the Logo of Charity as a campany

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