Oil Company Logos

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Oil company logos have typical icons or signs of gas globes or related gear. All of which tend to try to do justice with their products. Oil company logos of some famous oil companies include the Dixie Vim Oil company which has its unique Model T associated with a tank car on a railroad. This unique logo slogan includes “From Tank Car to Car Tank”. Furthermore, this company also provides printed coupons which all have a particular pink or white color with registry numbers. Oil Company logos try to obtain a corporate image but also tend to be highly stylish which would appeal to a wider mass population. Oil company logos require a lot of hard work in order to acquire that unique appeal. However, there are many logo designers and professional available online which provide excellent service at reasonable prices. Similar to insurance company logo are the oil company logos which try their best to achieve a professional, firm and established impression in order to gain the trust of their clients. Most oil company logos and gasoline logos tend to be of diverse colors but mostly of dark such as black and dark blue.

Another famous oil company logo is of Exxon Mobil, this logo has a typical corporate and business image. Oil company logos developed by professional designers practically convey an effective graphic symbol which one can easily remember and one that can not be easily forgotten. Most oil company logos designs have the company’s name or initials within the logo design.

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