Logo Design in the Hospitality Industry

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Logo designs for hotels and inns typically give a concept of being dependable and thus reliable. At the same time they also stand to show that the company provides excellent service.

The style adopted in most hotel logo designs is characterized by simplicity. It is also intends to display elegance as well as grace. In most cases, logos for hotels are characterized by name and typeface rather than symbol and sign.

Colors play a crucial role in the overall impression of the logo. It is selected keeping in mid the nature of the company or resort. Typically both dark and bright colors are used depending on the nature of the hotel or inn. The most common ones encountered are Red, black, yellow as well as blue. They help in reflecting attributes like sophistication as well as refinement and do add some character to the overall design.

Elegant fonts are the most popular choice for the name of the company although typeface can differ from the tradition to modern and from conventional to the rare.

Logo designs include indications of hospitality of the hotel. Big name hotels like MGM Grand Hotel and Marriot rely on grandeur as well as prestige as the hallmarks of their logos, some also incorporate attributes like comfort and quality service into their logo design.

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