Top 10 Beer Brand Logos

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Beer is one of the most beloved alcoholic beverages and has developed strong brand loyalty. In the States, most beer lovers are brand-conscious making this image-alert industry more reliant on not only good taste. Branding and packaging amount to much of product costs for any company. Some beer company logo have stuck to their decade old themes while, others go for a contemporary image.

However, each of the below top 10 beer logo designs are exception food and beverage logos.


1. Bud Light Logo Design

2. Budweiser Logo Design

3. Miller Lite Logo Design

4. Coors LigHt Logo Design

5. Natural Light Logo Design

6. Yuengling Logo Design

7. Busch Light Logo Design

8. Miller High Life Logo Design

9. Michelob Ultra Light Logo Design

10. Keystone Light Logo Design

As it is evident, companies have diverse approaches to alcoholic branding. Some companies are portraying a classic traditional image, while, others depend on modern and simplistic designs. Beer logo designs use a variety of color schemes and typography but with affects on targeted consumers. The most important aspect of all beer logos is that they express their company’s mission in a subtle but powerful manner. The above beer logos are exceptional and rightly reflect on their brands’ intended message.

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Category: Graphic Design
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4 Responses

February 2, 2010

I think the Budweiser Logo is Strongest – especially on the Black BG. I give Full Props to Coors Light with the Icy Silver Mountains conveying ICE COLD BEER!! Cheers + Beers + $$$ Everybody!! ;)

February 15, 2010

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