45 Automobile Logos That Make Their Drivers Blush!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

The auto industry has always presented itself with innovation and style along with some of the most popular and easily recognizable logo designs. Even though, all major auto manufacturers are facing financial woes, they nonetheless make up a sufficiently large lucrative business. Car logos are designed to reflect up on the sleek, smooth and breathtaking cars. Auto industry logos perhaps instill brand loyalty more than any other industry.

Below are some of the most famous well design automobile logo designs.


1. Ford Mustang

2. Audi

3. BMW

4. Citroen

5. Ferrari

6. Ford

7. Lamborghini

8. Lotus

9. Maserati

10. Mazda

11. Mercedes-Benz

12. Mitsubishi

13. Peugeot

14. Porsche

15. Renault

16. Skoda

17. Subaru

18. Toyota

19. Volkswagen

20. Volvo

21. Aston Martin

22. Bentley

23. Lincoln

24. Jaguar

25. Chevrolet

26. Lexus

27. Lamborghini

28. Cadillac

29. Alfaromeo

30. Mazda

31. Pontiac

32. Lotus

33. Renault

34. Buick

35. Ford Mustang

36. Porsche

37. Opel

38. Fiat

39. Rover Mascot

40. Hyundai logo

41. Skoda

42. Chrysler

43. Suzuki Logo

44. Citroen

45. Peugeot

Automobile logos are not designed from a random perspective and most of the above logos have a lot in common. For instance, automobile usually comprise of a metallic theme such as the ring in Cadillac and Hyundai logo. The use of red and blue is also common amongst some automobile brands. While, other choose to brand themselves with animal based designs such as Peugeot and Ford Mustang logo designs.

Car company logos are carefully design to best represent the corporation’s history and values. Despite the fact that recovery of these companies is still a question in the economic meltdown, these logos are exceptional examples of aesthetics and relevance to their businesses. A thorough analysis of these logos is an effective way to learn more about logo designing.

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7 Responses

January 19, 2010

You’ve doubled some of those logos – the list is probably only 39 in reality because of this.

Some good examples however.

May 21, 2010

Hi thanks for the logo collection, must have been very hard to find all of them and laso they are of good resolution :) thanks ……..

August 7, 2011

Lamborghini is my all time favorite Logo.

September 29, 2011

Fiat Logo reminds me of the old days

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